Most likely, in the last century, no one would have understood your idea of installing barn doors (loft door system) in the house, and even more so in the bedroom, and would have considered it highly questionable. After all, as the name implies, such doors are only suitable for entering a barn.

However, times have changed, and it is now a trend! Homeowners prefer to purchase sliding doors for any room, including a bedroom, kitchen, living room, or wardrobe.

Thanks to their unusual configuration, they gracefully complement the interior, becoming an accent element.

Spectacular Design

Although sliding doors are less soundproof than swing doors, they have at least one significant advantage. Let's compare. Swinging doors (especially double doors) require a lot of space for the slab to open and close without obstruction. However, only some rooms are so spacious. Therefore, based on logic and ergonomics, barn doors are the right solution.

The main feature of such interior doors is that their guide rails and roller mechanisms are in plain sight. Barn doors are easy to install and make a spectacular addition to an industrial or country-style room.

Add Color or Décor

If your bedroom looks boring and has no life, doors are the one piece of furniture that will make things right. There are several options available. For example, you can choose absolutely any shade. Do not forget that white is considered the universal color because it:

  • Suitable for any style of interior.

  • Combined with almost every palette.

  • It makes the living space visually wider.

  • Additionally, it "illuminates" the room.

  • It looks harmonious with different materials, textures, and patterns.

For large and light bedrooms, we recommend paying attention to black loft doors to add elegance and strict luxury to your house or apartment.

Lovers experimenting with interiors often choose bright, non-standard shades. However, you do not necessarily have to do the same to emphasize the design of the door. In our assortment, you will find modern interior doors that are decorated with glass inserts or aluminum moldings. You can also combine contrasting colors, such as white slab + black hardware.

Popularity of the Loft Door System

Nowadays, almost every apartment has sliding doors. They are a favorite among homeowners due to their ability to save space. In addition, barn doors look modern and do not compromise the bedroom's aesthetics.

Another way to use a sliding barn door in a bedroom is to conceal the closet with it. If you have a walk-in closet, you can use a large barn door to ensure there is minimum wastage of space.

Separate the Bedroom and Bathroom

Sliding doors are suitable for installation to separate different rooms, including between bedroom and bathroom. This design solution will create a light, casual, and comfortable atmosphere. Due to the original design and in the presence of decor, barn doors will make the interior more stylish and individual, reflecting the homeowner's preferences.

Single Barn Doors to the Bedroom

Single barn doors provide space-saving and functionality and add beauty to a bedroom. They are installed when the opening is narrow enough. The Loft door system gives the bedroom a unique charm and character. To provide a natural touch to the interior, you can choose natural wood slabs and doors covered with polypropylene or veneer. These materials bring out the texture of the wood and refresh the room.

Double Barn Doors to the Bedroom

Double barn doors add to an industrial, country, or high-tech style room in a sliding system with guides and roller mechanisms in plain sight. They are suitable for wide doorways and are characterized by the fact that they consist of two slabs.

Interior doors can be decorated with glass inserts (glazed doors from the French collection), grooves, and horizontal or vertical aluminum strips.

Experiment and Be Creative

All the details must blend together for a harmonious interior to create a unified style. Everyone chooses doors depending on the room, available space, purpose, and price. In addition, color is an important aspect. Consider what shade calms and relaxes you. It is the perfect solution for your bedroom door.


Barn doors are versatile and suitable for modern interiors. You can choose the right size, color, and decor to create a homey atmosphere. We have a variety of barn doors in our selection. If you still have questions, please get in touch with our call center.