Experience an unmatched blend of design excellence and minimalist elegance with the Belldinni Concealed Door Frame-System, perfect for creating striking lines and clean, contemporary concepts in your living spaces. Give your doors a touch of sophistication with a seamless, flush-in-the-wall, frame-less appearance. Say goodbye to clutter and distractions as this innovative system boasts:

  1. 1. No Jambs, for a sleek and unobtrusive finish.
  2. 2. Discreet shadow gaps around doorways, adding an extra touch of allure.
  3. 3. No distracting architraves, allowing the beauty of the door to take center stage.
  4. 4. Seamless door finishes that harmonize with your minimalist aesthetic style.
  5. 5. The pinnacle of inconspicuous design, where every detail aligns seamlessly.

Unleash the allure of the Belldinni Concealed Door Frame-System, where a robust steel frame weaves its enchanting spell, gifting your doors with a seamless "flush finished" appearance. With the frame artfully concealed from view, the door panel effortlessly aligns itself in graceful parallel with the wall, as if embracing a dance of elegance and modernity.

This ingenious system allows the concealed frame to be seamlessly embedded within your wall, hidden effortlessly by drywall or paneling. The jamb accommodates walls with a thickness ranging from 4-9/16’’ to 5-1/8'’, offering a perfect fit for various architectural settings.

Revel in the magic of the invisible frame, equipped with perforated casings for flush setting and assembling. The result is a doorway with a frameless, smooth, and undeniably sophisticated appearance, boasting clean and inconspicuous lines that mesmerize the eye.

For the utmost customization, the recommended standard slab for the frame is a primed flush slab. However, if you seek uniqueness, feel free to select any door style—be it flat, grooved, or more—from Belldinni's exquisite range.

Enhanced with adjustable concealed 3D hinges, this design offers a seamless user experience, allowing doors to open in any desired direction, effortlessly accommodating your preferences. Elevate your doors' allure with a personalized touch. The jamb can be painted with water emulsion paint, enabling you to match the slab to your wall color or even add a creative touch with a glued lining paper.

With its versatility spanning across a rich tapestry of residential applications, encompassing apartments, new homes, hotels, and rural housing communities, the Belldinni Concealed Door Frame-System weaves a renaissance for modern living like no other. It breathes new life into the very essence of contemporary living, reinventing the boundaries of design possibilities.

Choose between inswing and outswing door configurations, perfectly tailored for both left and right-hand settings, ensuring an impeccable fit for your unique spaces.

Identifying your door's inswing becomes a breeze. Simply stand in front of your room's entrance, observe the hinges and knob, and follow the clues:

  1. 1. For a LEFT-HAND INSWING DOOR, hinges are on the left-hand side, with the knob on the right-hand side, and the door opens away from you.
  2. 2. For a RIGHT-HAND INSWING DOOR, hinges are on the right-hand side, with the knob on the left-hand side, and the door opens away from you.

To guarantee a seamless installation and preserve the beauty of your door and frame surfaces, please follow the instructions provided in the installation guide, ensuring maximum performance while avoiding any unwanted cracking or stress marks.

Unlock a world of design possibilities with the Belldinni Concealed Door Frame-System, where captivating aesthetics meet minimalist ingenuity.