The door industry, as well as the art of interior design, develops every year, adjusting to the needs of people. Nowadays, every homeowner strives to create a comfortable atmosphere in the living space, so the aesthetics of things, their functionality, and their durability are essential.

Interior doors are an essential part of any apartment. They zone the space, protect you from foreign sounds and odors, prevent the appearance of drafts, and decorate the room. This article will look at interior door trends that are popular in 2023.

1. White door slabs

There are no rules or exceptions for white doors: they look appropriate in every interior. This shade visually expands the space and refreshes the overall look of the house or apartment. In addition to these advantages, white is stylistically neutral to combine with any palette.

Doors in snow-white shades are easily suited to a modern style. Unlike dark models, it is also a successful option for small rooms.

2. Minimalist doors

Sometimes everyone wants to take a break from the fast pace of life, so some of us choose doors with no unnecessary decor so that there are fewer flashy, distracting factors at home.

In addition, minimalist doors are a timeless trend that will be relevant for years.

Also, many people choose a stylish, practical, and elegant minimalist design to keep the hardware relevant in the long term.

Belldinni offers doors with different types of finishes:

  1. Wear-resistant enamel.

  2. Polypropylene is resistant to moisture, sunlight, scratches, and temperature fluctuations.

  3. A veneer will add a natural touch to your room.

3. Invisible doors

Flush-mounted doors are often compared to a canvas for creativity. They have no protruding elements, look stylish in the interior, and can be decorated at your discretion:

  • Painting in the color of the walls.

  • Wallpapering.

  • Finishing with decorative plaster.

Modern invisible primed doors fit harmoniously into any interior or become an accent element of the living space. They are manufactured with left/right-hand inswing and outswing door constructions in various sizes: height from 80 to 96", width from 24 to 36".

4. High doors (over 3 meters high)

There is a trend of high demand for tall doors because the slabs above 3 meters look original, even without any decorative elements.

Also, such doors visually increase the space, as if distancing the ceiling, making the room more spacious.

5. Natural wood doors

Natural wood doors combine the best trends in the door industry, including minimalist style, quality materials, and versatile shade.

Solid wood doors are characterized by their environmental friendliness and reliability. And the stunning exterior speaks for itself that this is a luxury item. In addition, doors made of solid wood have excellent sound and heat insulation characteristics.

6. Doors in contrasting colors

If the interior lacks bright colors, doors can be an accent piece. Our company paints doors to order in any color from the RAL palette.

Flush-mounted doors, which we mentioned above, are also a great idea.

7. Door slabs with aluminum frame

The minimalist aesthetic and sleek design make frameless doors perfect for stylish interiors. 

They are easy to install. So that you can use them in different rooms, we offer a variety of slab sizes and inswing and outswing opening systems.

8. Mixed design: wood and glass

Our range includes many glazed door models that can refresh your interior, filling it with light.

The percentage of glazing comes in completely different varieties, ranging from small glass inserts to glass panels for the entire slab size. If you need to maintain privacy in the room, you should choose frosted glass. However, for those who adore natural light, the French collection is available to order with clear glass inserts.

Take into account that the strength of the glass is an important aspect. Our tempered glass is entirely safe because it does not break into sharp shards but into pieces with blunted edges if broken.

9. Doors with glass and mirror casings

How to create a spectacular interior without significant financial investments? Experts advise paying attention to details. For example, you can choose doors with platbands made of mirror or glass. These doors are a fresh and very unconventional solution!

10. Sliding doors

To make good use of every centimeter of living space, we offer doors of various configurations: from classic swing doors to sliding doors.

The advantages of sliding systems:

  • Saving a valuable area of the house or apartment.

  • They do not clutter small rooms, such as hallways.

  • Noiseless opening and closing.

  • Neat appearance.

  • The convenience of use.

  • Various design options.

Opening system


Sliding and double sliding doors

One or two slabs move alongside the wall via special tracks, and a stopper is installed on the floor, preventing the door from moving.

Pivot system

When moving, the slab rotates around the central axis, then takes a perpendicular inclined position, resulting in two adjacent rooms.

Pocket door

The slab moves in a special built-in penal case mounted directly to the wall. Thus, the door is completely hidden in the wall, guaranteeing additional free space.


The door movement is along the door opening, and the entire mechanism is hidden behind a slab.

Loft door system

It's a sliding door system where the tracks and rollers are left visible via which the door moves. Such doors are most often used in urban interiors.


What is the difference between an adequately matched interior door and a popular one?

First, you should only analyze fashion and not mindlessly follow its trends. Consider your preferences, imagine a new door model in your house or apartment, and consult with your housemates.

Secondly, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the door slab, materials used, design, and color. Let your purchase become an impeccable addition to the interior that will last for many years!

Our experts can help you choose the right door size, shade, and configuration.