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Frequently Asked Questions:

Click on the questions below to see their corresponding answers.

Here is a basic list of issues to be specified:

  1. Types of doors: interior or exterior?
  2. Models and finishes
  3. Door sizes or rough opening sizes to calculate the door sizes
  4. Number of doors
  5. Configurations (swing, bypass, pocket etc.)
  6. Types of hardware needed (handles? concealed or plain bearing hinges? tracks?)
  7. Swing directions (LHI - left hand inswing? RHI - right hand inswing?)
  8. Lockset functions (passage, privacy or keyed?)
  9. Additional options: smart sweep, frameless system etc.
  10. Project lead time (when are the doors needed at the job site?)
  11. Budget
  12. Any special requirements (fire ratings, etc.)

Orders will be accepted by:

Online order

  • Choose a door and configure it according to your needs
  • Add to cart
  • If you need to order more than one door you can continue shopping and add more products to you cart
  • Proceed to safe and secure checkout
  • We shall notify you as soon as we receive your order

Order By E-mail

Order by Phone or Fax

Order through our Sales Representative

  • Please do not hesitate to place your order while our Sales Representative is visiting your store.

For single and double door configurations

Subtract 2" from the rough opening width and 1 1/4" from the height. This will determine the door slab size.


Let's imagine that we have measured the width of the rough opening and it equals 35"

In order to determine the width of the door slab, we first of all need to subtract 2" from the width of the opening. So where do these 2 inches actually come from?


The standard thickness of Belldinni jamb is 3/4".
3/4" + 3/4" = 1 1/2" is the total thickness of 2 jambs.
And we leave the rest of the space (1/2") as technological gaps to be filled in construction foam.
So this forms the 2 inches' width that needs to be subtracted from the overall width of the opening.


35" - 2" = 33"
Now we need to determine which standard width is suitable for the 33" wide opening.
This is obviously 32".
And the remaining space will be filled width construction foam and covered with prefinished casings.


Standard width of Belldinni casings is 3 1/2"

For barn, magic, bi-fold, bypass and pocket door systems

Please refer to the manuals provided by the hardware manufacturers.

A standard US rough opening consists of:

One of the fundamental elements here is a wall stud.
Studs are traditionally made of wood, usually 2"×4" or 2"×6" dimensional lumber and typically placed 16 inches (406 mm) from each other's center, but sometimes also at 12 inches (305 mm) or 24 inches (610 mm). The wood needs to be dry when used otherwise problems may occur as the studs shrink and twist when they dry out.

Considering this fact, the actual sizes of the framing studs are:

The standard 2"×4" or 2"×6" wall assembly is as follows:

Studs with insulation filling in between and a layer of drywall from both sides of the construction.The drywall is normally 5/8’’ thick. Sometimes several layers of drywall are used.This knowledge is important whenever you want to measure the thickness of the wall because it actually defines whether you need an extension or not.

See the picture below in order to learn how to accurately measure the size of the rough opening.
First, measure the width between the studs of the doorway three times (picture 1) and record the smallest of the three measurements.
Second, measure the height on both sides (picture 2) and record the smallest measurement. Congratulations! You have determined the width and the height of the rough opening.

Rough Opening Measurement

A door schedule is a tabulation, usually on a blueprint or in specifications, which list all doors required for a job, indicating sizes, types, locations, and special requirements.

66' 9' - 2'
2 INTERIOR 36' 7' - 0'
3 INTERIOR 36' 7' - 0'
4 INTERIOR 24' 7' - 0'

A door schedule is the basis for providing a detailed and accurate quote to a customer and usually contains the following information:

  • Door types and functions
  • Door locations
  • Door materials and finishes
  • Door sizes
  • Number of doors
  • Configurations (swing, bypass, pocket etc.)
  • Types of hardware needed (handles? concealed or plain bearing hinges? tracks?)
  • Swing directions
  • Lockset functions (passage, privacy or keyed)
  • Fire ratings
  • Other requirements

The quality solid pine frame is the basis of a strong and durable construction of Belldinni doors. The width of the frame is 1 ½’’. It undergoes several drying processes in special heating cameras which keeps the wood humidity level within 8%. The frame thickness can vary from 1 9/16’’ to 1 ¾’’ depending on the door model.
Belldinni doors may come with 3 types of core depending on the model, which are:

  • Solid wood core (natural hardwood filling or MDF)
  • Honey-comb core (filling is honey comb cells, which grant additional lightness to the door, thus protecting the hinges from extra load and still retaining high noise reduction and thermal insulation qualities)
  • Smart core (technologically advanced, eco-friendly filling, which is a high density natural wood fiber. This type of filling provides additional durability, noise reduction and thermal insulation.)

We use high quality solid pine in production of our frames which makes them rigid and durable enough to hold a heavy 8’ solid core door slab.

Absolutely! You can use any handle with our doors; however keep in mind that we bore for 1 3/8” backsets! If you need us to make a 1 3/4” backset, let us know when you are placing your order.

Belldinni doors can be fitted with several types of hinges:

1) Plain bearing hinges – quite old-fashioned and plain, as it comes from their name.

2) OTLAV 3D-adjustable concealed hinges

With the Italian made concealed hinges, door opens smoothly and precisely up to 180°. The hinge blends seamlessly with the slab and the frame for a markedly elegant door design solution. Thanks to the symmetric milling, the hinge is reversible and allows choosing the door swing directly on the job site. It is 3 ways adjustable (XYZ) which is definitely a strong competitive advantage. The decorative cover plates conceal the adjustment screws for elegance when the door is open.
Weight capacity is 132 lbs. per 2 hinges. Resource is 200 000 openings.

Belldinni door sizes are fully compliant with the US market standards. Regular stock sizes are:
W: 18’’,24’’,28’’,30’’,32’’,36’’
H: 80",84", 92 ½" and 96"
Basically, the largest possible sizes of Belldinni custom door slabs are:

Type of finish
Width Height
Veneer coated doors
37 3/4
92 1/2
Polypropylene coated doors
39 3/8
96 7/16
Lacquered doors
39 3/8
96 7/16

Three Otlav or three plain bearing hinges.

Absolutely! However, it has to be placed as a special order and the lead-time will be 14 - 16 weeks (12 weeks with air expedited shipping) + shipping from Belldinni warehouse.

All Belldinni doors are manufactured to the highest-quality craftsmanship standards and are backed by a limited 2 year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. Detailed warranty information is available throught the following link.

Special orders are non-stock items and are non-returnable/refundable.

No returns will be accepted unless previously authorized by Belldinni in writing or by email. Customer agrees and understands that there will be restocking charge of 20% invoice price. If the merchandise is pre-hung, pre-cut, or altered in a special way for the order to be fulfilled, 50% restocking fee will apply from the invoiced price.
All returns must be in merchantable condition, in the same packaging and/or wrapper condition as when purchased. All returned goods are subject to warehouse inspection before credit will be issued.
Customers must provide proof of purchase for all returned goods. No material will be accepted for return after 45 days.

A jamb extension does precisely what the name suggests – it's a board that fills the depth of the wall space from the inside face of the door frame to the face of the wall and thus widens the frame. So if the wall thickness is greater than the standard jamb width, extensions must be used.
Belldinni jamb extensions are typically made of MDF and create a clean edge for the casing trim to be nailed to or inserted if this is a telescopic L-casing.
With the help of extensions Belldinni frames can cover walls 4 7/8” to 6 7/8” thick.

You can purchase Belldinni slabs only. However, we strongly recommend that you equip the door unit with our matching jambs and casings, coated with the same finishes as the door slab.
We use high quality solid pine in production of our jambs, which makes them rigid and durable enough to hold even a heavy 8’ solid core door slab.
Belldinni casings are made of MDF board and with the use of our telescopic L-shaped casings the thickness of the wall covered by the door frame can be extended to 4 7/8”. No other extensions needed.

Glassed Belldinni doors are fitted with white or dark frosted glass of Czech production. For most glassed models, we apply special tempered glass 1/6’’ – 1/4’’ thick. Besides high firmness, it is also safe to use.
Should be damaged, such glass shatters into small, smooth surfaced pellets, excluding the possibility of injury.

Belldinni provides a full range of options when it comes to the choice of a door configuration.

However, we strongly recommend consulting with one of our experts before placing an order, simply because the construction of our doors is different.

Once an order is processed, it is then shipped out via LTL (for large items) or FedEx/UPS (for smaller items). LTL shipments are curbside delivery only, unless otherwise requested. Ship times vary upon final destination, however the average is 2-4 business days for the East Coast and 5-7 business days for the West Coast. Dealers are also more than welcome to use their own freight company if needed.
Please contact Belldinni directly for all orders outside of the continental United States.

Belldinni offers the convenience of direct deliveries to our committed customers. Customer must have an agent and facilities available to accept all deliveries of merchandise pursuant to orders placed with vendor for shipment to customer’s office, warehouse, job sites, or any other designated location. Customer shall take full responsibility for freight demurrage, hold-over, and similar charges arising out of, connected with, or relating to customer’s failure to fulfill its obligations under the terms of the clause- regardless of the origin of the shipment or the consignor.
Once a delivery is received, the customer must inspect the contents of each package before signing the bill of lading. All visible damages must be noted on the bill of lading, however, it is also very important to open all received boxes and inspect the products for any concealed damage at the time of delivery. If the driver does not allow you to inspect the freight, please note that on the bill of lading. All damages must be reported to Belldinni within 48 hours of the shipment/delivery date. Failure to comply with these rules will disqualify customers from merchandise replacement.

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